Starlight Bristlenose (L183)
Starlight Bristlenose (L183)
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Starlight Bristlenose (L183)

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A unique variety of Bristlenose with white spots and a white seam along the dorsal and tail fin. A specialty bred coloration of the standard Bristlenose, these social little Plecostomus are great bottom dwelling fish for your aquarium.   Due to their hardiness and relatively small size, they are great first Plecostomus for the beginner aquarist.  Make sure to feed them plenty of vegetable matter as well as having driftwood in the aquarium. 

NOTE: The medium Bristlenose are wild type, sub-adults. The females have very large bristles and are more difficult to distinguish from the males at this age. We have done out best to pick out what we believe are males. Sexing is an educated guess, not a guarantee.

Scientific Name: Ancistrus Sp.
Origin: South America
Size Purchased:
  • Small: 1.5-2”
  • Medium: 2”-3”
Adult Size:  5”
Type: Catfish / Freshwater
Temperament: Peaceful
Wild/Tank-Raised: Wild
Temperature: 72F - 86F
pH: 6.5 - 7.5
Hardness: Moderate
Diet: Omnivorous (mostly carnivorous)
Recommended Tank Size: 30+ gallon