About Us

Armored Cat Aquatics LLC is a small home-based business ran by a couple out of Rockwall, TX.


Here is a little something about us:


Korie - I cannot think of a time I did not own a fish tank. There were fish tanks in my family and my house way before I was born.  It was not till college though that I really dived into the hobby and realized the depth of it. I met so many amazing & knowledgeable people in the hobby that taught me everything I needed to know to start this business. Now I am hooked on fish for life! My favorite fish in the hobby would be any catfish, especially Plecostomus. I am, "The Crazy Catfish Lady." Oh, and I cannot forget any species of tetras, and Siamese Algae Eaters. 


Jaime - I got into the hobby as any child would have... a goldfish in a bowl. I later graduated into bettas, and later communities. It wasn't until my 20s till I dove deeper into the hobby and gained an extreme amount of knowledge past basic fishkeeping. My favorite fish in the hobby are whiptails, they are unique and incredibly underrated. I also really enjoy blue-eye nano fish such as dwarf rainbowfish species and rice fish, as well as hillstream loaches. 

We bring in wild fish from all over the world so you can have an opportunity to own unique fish that are hard to find in the store.


We are appointment based ONLY, so please message us for a time to drop on by!